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Taking Sides Review Sheet Issue 1: Are American Values Shaped by the Mass Media? Yes: Schiller What is Schiller’s overall argument about the use of these myths? All the myths of the media People are being manipulated and they don’t know that they are being manipulated Don’t challenge the status quo bc don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Our society is divided into diff econ classes/groups—rich/elit, middle class, poor. o Majority is the middle/working class—Why aren’t they speaking up? o b/c being manipulated and don’t realize it. Econ contradiction in which the working class is comprised mostly of republicans, but the trend of the repub views is that favors the well off not benefiting the working class. 5 myths that structure the Media’s content and manipulate consciousness— reproduce the status quo and maintain existing social power structures o 1) Individualism and personal choice —stops people from challenging the status quo bc think freedom=2 things Consumer society—we think ind is choice in buying things— purchasing and buying things to gain freedom—we think it’s a freedom, but it’s not, just part of consumer society. Freedom of Opportunity—we think that we are free to choose our residence and ed. In school e.g you have to pay for it. Housing—homeless people still exist o 2) Myth of Neutrality we think that the media and the gov’t social/cultural institutions are equal—governs the way society functions We think of these institutions are objective but they are not we’ll buy into the system w/o Qing By not challenging no progress o 3) Myth of Unchanging Human Nature Things that we do as people that we are predisposed to do and are unchanging Problems in society are related to human nature. If buy into this, wont feel that can change the problem—so wont challenge things and are more wiling to live with the problem TV gives really violent/tasteless programming bc what public
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wants to see—entertainment. o 4) Myth of absence of social conflict Media promotes the idea that social conflict doesn’t exist by staying away from controversial issues—on news and fictional tv When do show—on ind basis Consequences issues don’t gain momentum People remain isolated bc feel only their issue Don’t think there is anything to fix Media selects the agenda o 5) Myth of Media Pluralism for the most part TV content doesn’t change—even though variety of options.—e.g. diff news channels giving same info TV reality shows Consequence we think our info is objective and we’re getting diff sides/diff views but all the same Media Conglomeration —a big parent corp that owns diff media outlets 3 media giants own everything sways media content. No:
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Taking Sides Review - Taking Sides Review Sheet Issue 1 Are...

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