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Tony Syllabus - GE70C Sect. 3 Seminar EVOLUTION: A...

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GE70C Sect. 3 Seminar EVOLUTION: A Naturalist’s Approach Tony Friscia "... I could not employ my life better than in adding a little to natural sciences. This I have done to the best of my abilities and critics may say what they like, but they cannot destroy this conviction." - Charles Darwin Course Objectives: In this class we will be taking a more in depth look at evolution and what it means for the natural world around us. This will be done primarily through two approaches. First, will be doing a thorough reading of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species . This will allow us to see how his observations of the natural world led him to create his theory of evolution through natural selection. We will be supplementing this with descriptions of discoveries since Darwin’s times, especially genetics and human diversity. Secondly, we will go in the opposite direction, and see how we can apply knowledge of evolution to the natural world. This will be accomplished through practical training in how to make keen observations of the world. We will read a biography of Darwin to see what shaped his view of the world. We will learn how to identify rocks, birds, mammals, plants, and other things in the wild, as well as how to observe behavior, ecological interactions, and habitat. In section we will discuss some of the discoveries that have been made since Darwin’s time, as well as more intense analyses of broader issues in evolution such as adaptation, selection, speciation, evolutionary ecology, and biodiversity. Supplemental media and in-class field trips will help you hone your observational skills. Meeting time and place: Wednesday 12-2:50, Covel 218 Contact info and office hours:, Life Sciences 5114, (310) 206-6011 office hours by appointment Texts: The Origin of Species Charles Darwin (OoS) – I have not ordered this book, so you must go find a copy on your own. It’s always interesting to see different editions
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Tony Syllabus - GE70C Sect. 3 Seminar EVOLUTION: A...

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