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From lecture: Distinguish a medium function from a content function. How do books function as markers? What is a zine? Define and give an example of a mondegreen. What was the significance of the penny press? What is pack journalism? What four events contributed to the post World War II decline of film? What is an absolutist? From Taking Sides: According to Maciejewski and Ozar, what is one reason why the government should not interfere with institutions that give out information? According to Volokh, how might the Hostile Environment Harassment Law be applied outside of the workplace? According to Edison, who did survey respondents primarily think were responsible for keeping adult material away from children? According to Newcomb and Hirsh, how does the negotiated mode of interpretation contribute to diversity of meaning in the cultural forum? According to Sanchez-Hucles, in what way do magazines with an ethnic focus fail in their representation of women of color?
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