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Students are graded on how well they present an argument. Is the introduction clear and appropriate? Is the paper coherently organized around a critically considered, original, and well- documented thesis? Is the thesis clearly presented and then well defended? Does everything seem to mesh with the thesis? Are all the points clear? Are there careful transitions from one point to the next? Are all the points clearly presented, organized, and related to each other and to the thesis? Is the organization so clear that the reader knows at all times what the purpose is and how the writer intends to accomplish it? Did the student OBSERVE and ANALYZE as he/she was supposed to for this assignment? Does the content seem to be accurate? Are all the points well supported with evidence? In other words, are the points factually grounded, with conclusions based on careful consideration of verifiable examples (quotes/observations /anecdotal evidence and not hypothetical ruminations or unsubstantiated generalizations)? Does the author explain
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