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GE70C: Sect. 3 – Ryan Ellingson Animals Gone Wild: Evolution and Sex Course Description: Sexual reproduction in nature often involves behaviors that are normally associated with depravity in human society, ranging from frowned-upon taboo to unspeakably heinous crimes. Polygamy, incest, bribery, deceit, infidelity, assault, murder and even cannibalism are some of the activities that are considered business as usual in many species. This is not to say that all animals are deviants, as some can be surprisingly romantic. Animal seduction can include a gentle embrace, an elaborately artistic display or even a freshly prepared meal. Our focus will not be confined to behavior, however, as a study of reproductive physiology reveals that sex changes, hermaphrodites, pregnant males, and genitalia adorned with weaponry are not uncommon in the natural world. What is most
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Unformatted text preview: fascinating is that every behavioral and morphological trait that we will encounter is presumably adaptive. In this course, we will explore the ways in which natural selection has driven and maintained these myriad reproductive systems in natural populations, from courtship to copulation to parental care. Readings will include Dr. Tatiana ʼ s Sex Advice to All Creation , selections from Charles Darwin ʼ s ideas about sexual selection and primary literature that investigates mating strategies across the animal kingdom. Weekly meetings will include group discussion of assigned readings, videos of animals engaging in outlandish sexual displays and writing exercises that will lead up to a final analytical essay. I am also working to include at least one field trip during the quarter. ..stay tuned....
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