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Lab6W10JurrasicLark - GE 70B Evolution of the Cosmos and...

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1 GE 70B: Evolution of the Cosmos and Life LABORATORY/DISCUSSION 6 JURASSIC LARK: Reconstructing a paleo-environment. You will be reconstructing a Mesozoic environment in today’s lab. In order to do this, you will need to look at some fossils from an important fossil locality, the Solnhofen limestone. This fossil site is important because of the many kinds of organisms preserved there and because of the exceptional quality of the preservation. If we could travel back in time long before any humans existed—even before mammals were the vertebrate kings of the land—150 million years ago to the area that is now called southern Germany, what would we see? It is your job to use fossils and “living fossils” (modern-day organisms that are rare now but were much more common in the distant past) to describe the scene. Keep in mind that what we’re showing you today is just a small sample of what has been uncovered from the Solnhofen limestone. This shows how vital these exceptional deposits are to our understanding of life in the past. Your description should incorporate information from all three parts of today’s lab. Try to be as detailed as you possibly can. However, feel free to be creative in your depiction of the past environment. Write a poem or song, make detailed drawing(s), or come up with a William Shatner styled free-form spoken word performance. Use your skills and your creativity. The key is that you show you understand what this ancient ecosystem was like.
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