PeerReviewW10 - Peer review sheet Reviewer's name:_ Name of...

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Peer review sheet Reviewer's name:________________________ Name of person whose paper is being reviewed:_________________________ General instructions: You should have received two papers from fellow students, and you should have given your rough draft to each of those fellow students. Make sure to write down contact info (e-mail and phone number) of your fellow students so that you can arrange to exchange the reviewed rough drafts when you are done. Remember, this paper is worth 24% of your grade. When reviewing a student’s paper, keep the following strategies in mind: take your time and make sure you are fully focused on the paper write legible comments quickly read the paper once through before making comments don’t be overly negative or sarcastic with your comments. Provide constructive criticism . That is, focus on suggestions that will help the writer improve his/her paper . focus on: 1. telling the student what he/she did well 2. making the student aware of errors and weaknesses that need correction 3. informing the student of possible ways to improve (your primary focus should be on facilitating improvement, not in pointing out every flaw; think of yourself as a coach) phrase criticisms as questions (e.g., “Are you saying that there are no viable alternative hypotheses explaining
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PeerReviewW10 - Peer review sheet Reviewer's name:_ Name of...

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