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1. The Pleistocene North American megafaunal extinction was / was not caused by direct human influence. (JESSICA) 3. The origin of Earth’s life took place in hydrothermal vents / shallow waters / outside of Earth (ADAM) 4. The origin of bird flight took place from the trees down / the ground up. (RYAN) 5. Neanderthals were killed by humans/interbred with humans/were the victim of climate change (KARTHIK) 6. Planets with long-term physical conditions suitable for the emergence of life are / are not abundant in our Galaxy (LARKIN) 7. We are most likely to find evidence for life (past or present) on the moons of gas giants (e.g., Europa or Titan) / Mars . (LARKIN) 8. We have/have not reached ‘peak oil’ production. (LARKIN) 9. Physical, developmental, and phylogenetic constraints and the effect of genetic drift are / are not as important as natural selection in shaping the morphology of organisms. (KARTHIK) 10. Global warming is / is not caused by humans. (FRISCIA) 11. CO 2 concentrations / sunspot activity / Milankovitch cycles are the most significant forcer of
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