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GE 70B 2007 Writing Assignment The assignment 1. You will argue for one side of an issue (4-5 pages, double spaced); then provide a rebuttal to a competitor’s arguments (1-2 pages, double spaced). 2. In lab section, you will be divided into pairs. Each pair chooses 1 topic/issue from the list at the end of this description; each student in the pair takes one of the two opposing sides a. Because there’s likely to be an odd number of students in some labs, some topics have 3 possible “sides” to accommodate the occasional “triplet” group b. In each section, only one pair gets to do any one topic c. You cannot do a topic similar to the one you did Fall quarter. We will check. 3. When composing your argument, write it as if you have been asked by a panel of scientists to report on an issue to determine future funding for research on that topic. a. The panel understands science well, but has only a general understanding of your topic (imagine that the panel consists of the top students in this class) b. The panel needs to be convinced by solid reasoning and evidence 4. Your argument should be presented as the following rough outline indicates: A. Introduction: the issue B. The facts bearing on the issue C. Possible decisions or courses of action D. Your recommendation (i.e., your side of the debate) & rationale for this decision The key is step B. The more facts you have that back up your case, the more persuasive your argument will be, and ultimately, the better the paper will be. Remember, you will not be graded on whether you ‘win’ the debate, but on whether you presented your case well. Also, don’t spend too much time arguing against the other side in your original paper; that’s what the rebuttal is for! As with most issues, many of these topics are not black and white; the correct answer is probably a blend of all sides. We realize this, and you should do; what you will be arguing is that you particular argument is the largest factor. Guidelines and advice 1. Rebuttals should directly address issues raised in your opponent’s paper, and not be a mere restatement of your paper. When crafting your rebuttal, you should first determine the most significant arguments your opponent made, and then respond to each of these arguments on a point-by-point basis. 2. Please feel free to ask for help during any step of the writing process from the instructor who will grade your paper. We are here to help. We care a lot. 3. Separate evidence from interpretation . Remember that the roots of most science are data and controlled observations. These are then interpreted by various scientists. You are arguing for a particular interpretation based on the same evidence as your opponent has. 4.
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WriteAssignW10 - GE 70B 2007 Writing Assignment The...

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