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GE 70B MIDTERM EXAM February 10 11:00-12:15 Name _________________________________________________________________ Student ID number: ______________________________________________________ This is a two-part exam, with a total of 100 points. Use the scantron provided to you to answer Part I (be sure to put your name on it, and to bubble in your name and student ID number on the back of the scantron form). Write your answers to Part II on these exam pages. Divide your time judiciously between Part I (60%), and Part II (40%). PLEASE CIRCLE YOUR TA: Laura Jessica Karthik Adam Ryan Scores : Part I (multiple choice): __________ (/60) Part II (essay): 1. _______________ (/5) 2. _______________ (/5) 3. _______________ (/5) 4. _______________ (/5) 5. _______________ (/5) 6. _______________ (/5) 7. _______________ (/5) 8. _______________ (/5) TOTAL Part III ________ (/40) EXAM TOTAL ________________ (/100)
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: Multiple Choice ( 1.5 point each, total 60 points ). Provide the single best answer to each of the following 40 questions or statements. There is no penalty for guessing, so if you can eliminate an answer or two, then you might as well make an educated guess. If two answers seem possible, choose the one that responds best to what is being asked. 1. The biological species concept cannot be applied to which of the following? a. asexual organisms b. extinct organisms c. bacterial gene exchange d. all of the above 2. The effects of genetic drift are strongest in what sort of population? a. any large population b. any small population c. isolated large population d. isolated small population e. none of the above 3. What does a relatively low ratio of 13 C: 12 C in ancient marine sediments indicate about contemporaneous terrestrial ecosystems? a. volcanism caused widespread extinction of plants and animals b. plant biomass was relatively high c. there was an abundance of large herbivores that died suddenly, releasing their carbon d. plant biomass was relatively low e. ta bolide impact wiped out much of life on land. 4. A gene is a specific section of __________. a. DNA b. a ribosome c. an amino acid d. a protein e. a codon 5. Plant and animal breeding helped convince Darwin that: a. many traits are heritable b. selection can only take place in the natural environment c. humans cannot influence the forms of organisms d. all forms of dogs have always existed e. any trait can develop in an individual through its lifetime if it confers a fitness advantage. 6. The independent evolution of similar form in two unrelated lineages, such as gray wolves in North America and Tasmanian wolves in Australia, is known as: a. homology b. heritable variation c. convergent evolution d. divergent evolution. e. cladogenesis.
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GE70MTW10Key - GE 70B MIDTERM EXAM:00-12:15 Name Student ID...

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