Unit 1

Unit 1 - Rags to riches story- lived the American dream...

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Rags to riches story- lived the American dream Extremely smart, but only graduated high school Self-taught musician - no formal training - love for music Astonishing memory - melodies, lyrics, movie scripts Individuality and determination Stage presence - charisma Comebacks and longevity Elvis Presley - b. 1935, Tupelo, Mississippi - twin brother is stillborn 1937 - father Vernon does jail time Church music as child - black & white Gospel - becomes musically bi-racial 1945 - wins second prize in singing contest 1946 - gets first guitar 1948 - family moves to Memphis - Elvis hears blues in Memphis 1950 - performs in high school Christmas show 1951 - befriends Red West for life after being protected from bullies 1953 - graduates high school - works as driver 07/53: Records two songs for his mother - Sam Phillips owns studio - secretary Marion Keisker makes copy of Elvis recordings "My Happiness" - Elviss first recording - acoustic guitar and vocal - hesitant- distinct vibrato "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" - narrative section - acoustic guitar and vocal - abrupt ending 1954: works with Scotty Moore, lead guitar; Bill Black, bass - C&W musicians - create Rockabilly music (combines C&W and R&B) Records first single: "Thats All Right (Mama)" - R&B cover song - Elvis first single - local impact is huge "Blue Moon of Kentucky"
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- originally Bill Monroe Bluegrass song - C&W song done up tempo - Songs are hybrid of black blues and white country sounds - Sun Studio recording 07/54: Elvis' radio debut -Dewey Phillips, DJ "Blue Moon" - standard song - high register vocals are unusual falsetto - lots of reverb 09/54: Performs at Grand Ole Opry - unsuccessful with older C&W crowd Records second single: "Good Rockin' Tonight" - R&B song frequently covered - Loose rhythm section "I Don’t Care If the Sun Don’t Shine" - C&W song; cute lyrics - Loose rhythm section 10/54: Louisiana Hayride (radio and touring show)
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Unit 1 - Rags to riches story- lived the American dream...

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