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Unformatted text preview: ]H@ šš¸É  šš¸É ™ª¨Îµ—´…°Š˜´ª¸Ê ®œoµ Ánœ ™oµ˜o°Š„µ¦ž¦³„µ«˜´ªÂž¦Â™ª¨Îµ—´ºÉ° ¶ SWU· Á¡ºÉ°Á„ȝ˜´ª¸ÊŞ¥´Š‹ÎµœªœÁ˜È¤  ‹Îµœªœ  ­µ¤µ¦™„ε®œ—Å—o—´Šœ¸Ê  LQW SWU>@ Ĝš¸Éœ¸Ê ªnµ Áž}œºÉ°…°ŠÂ™ª¨Îµ—´š¸‹´—Á„ȝ˜´ª¸Ê É SWU>@SWU>@«SWU>@ Áž}œ˜´ª¸Êš¸É¸ÊŞ¥´Š˜ÎµÂ®œnŠ˜nµŠÇŽ¹ÉŠÁž}œÁ¨…š¸É°¥¼n  …°Š‹ÎµœªœÁ˜È¤š¸¦¦‹»°¥¼nš¸ÉÁ¨…š¸É˜宜nŠœ´Êœ É ­¤¤˜·[ Áž}œ˜´ªÂž¦œ·—‹ÎµœªœÁ˜È¤Ž¹ÉŠ™¼„¸Ê×¥­¤µ·„˜´ªš¸­°ŠÄœÂ™ª¨Îµ—´¶SWU· Á¦µ‹³Á…¸¥œÅ—o É  SWU ®¦º° SWU>@  [ SWU>@ [   [‡º°Á¨…š¸°¥¼n…°Š˜´ªÂž¦[  É ­µ…µ‡°¤¡·ªÁ˜°¦r ­™µ´œ­nŠÁ­¦·¤„µ¦­°œ...
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This note was uploaded on 03/11/2010 for the course MECHANICAL 1234 taught by Professor Futao during the Spring '10 term at Kasetsart University.

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