Chapter 9 IM Answers

Chapter 9 IM Answers - An Introduction to Programming with...

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Unformatted text preview: An Introduction to Programming with C++: Fifth Edition 978-1-4188-3618-4 Chapter 9 Answers CONCEPT LESSON REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. a value-returning 2. a one value only 3. d all of the above 4. c The name of each actual argument should be identical to the name of its corresponding formal parameter. 5. d a formal parameter 6. b } (closing brace) 7. c float calcTax(float salesAmount) 8. d double getFee(int base, double rate) 9. d double getFee(int, double); 10. d none of the above 11. d by value 12. b it removes the function’s local variables (if any) from memory, then continues program execution with the statement that called the function 13. c scope 14. a The beginBalance variable remains in memory until the function ends. 15. a stores the result in the calcGross() function’s pay variable 16. c pow(5.0, 3) 17. b 3 + rand() % (9 – 3 + 1) 18. c srand(static_cast<int>(time(0))); EXERCISES – PENCIL AND PAPER 1. double halveNumber(int num) { return static_cast<double>(num) / 2.0; } //end of halveNumber function 2. char getCharacter() { char character = ‘ ’; cout << “Enter a character: ”; cin >> character; return character; } //end of getCharacter function 3. double calcAverage(int n1, int n2, int n3, int n4)...
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Chapter 9 IM Answers - An Introduction to Programming with...

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