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NP2010_IM_Chapter05 - New Perspectives on Computer Concepts...

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New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2010 Instructor’s Manual 1 of 17 Computer Concepts Chapter Five: LANs and WLANs A Guide to this Instructor’s Manual: We have designed this Instructor’s Manual to supplement and enhance your teaching experience through classroom activities and a cohesive chapter summary. This document is organized chronologically, using the same heading in blue that you see in the textbook. Under each heading you will find (in order): Lecture Notes that summarize the section, Figures and Boxes found in the section (if any), Teacher Tips, Classroom Activities, and Lab Activities. Pay special attention to teaching tips, and activities geared towards quizzing your students, enhancing their critical thinking skills, and encouraging experimentation within the software. In addition to this Instructor’s Manual, our Instructor’s Resources CD also contains PowerPoint Presentations, Test Banks, and other supplements to aid in your teaching experience. For your students: Our latest online feature, CourseCasts, is a library of weekly podcasts designed to keep your students up to date with the latest in technology news. Direct your students to http://coursecasts.course.com , where they can download the most recent CourseCast onto their mp3 player. Ken Baldauf, host of CourseCasts, is a faculty member of the Florida State University Computer Science Department where he is responsible for teaching technology classes to thousands of FSU students each year. Ken is an expert in the latest technology and sorts through and aggregates the most pertinent news and information for CourseCasts so your students can spend their time enjoying technology, rather than trying to figure it out. Open or close your lecture with a discussion based on the latest CourseCast. Table of Contents Chapter Objectives 2 Section A: Network Building Blocks 2 Section B: Wired Networks 6 Section C: Wireless Networks 9 Section D: Using LANs 12 Section E: Security Through Encryption 15 Glossary of Key Terms 17
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New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2010 Instructor’s Manual 2 of 17 Chapter Objectives Students will have mastered the material in Chapter Five when they can: Describe the characteristics of PANs, NANs, LANS, MANs, and WANs Identify devices commonly found on a LAN Make a list of network devices and explain the role of each one Explain how client/server and peer-to-peer modes differ Diagram the five most common network topologies Describe the roll of a communications protocol Explain both circuit switching technology and packet switching technology Explain the different types of wired and wireless networks Describe how to set up wired and wireless LANs List the advantages and disadvantages of using a LAN List security measures for wired and wireless networks Define the major types of encryption that are used to secure data transmitted across a network SECTION A: NETWORK BUILDING BLOCKS Network Classifications
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NP2010_IM_Chapter05 - New Perspectives on Computer Concepts...

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