Drugs and Behavior SG Exam #1

Drugs and Behavior SG Exam #1 - The first exam will be...

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The first exam will be administered in class on Friday, February 19. The exam will cover material from the learning units on Introduction to Pharmacology (Chapters 1 & 5) and Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics (Chapter 4). The exam will consist of (approximately) 10 true/false questions and 40 multiple guess questions. The exam will be closed book and closed note. You are not allowed a “cheat sheet” to help remember information during the exam. Electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) must be out of sight. The exam will be administered on Scantrons, which the instructor will provide. You must bring a #2 pencil with you. This review sheet is designed to help you prepare for the exam. I prepared the review sheet by going through the exam question-by-question and writing any information that you might need to know to answer each question. On the exam, responses to questions will be evaluated based on the material presented in lecture and in the textbook. These should be the only resources you use to prepare for the exam. In other words, I strongly discourage you from using Google or Wikipedia to find the answers to the questions and topic on the review sheet. There will be a cumulative exam for this course in May.
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Drugs and Behavior SG Exam #1 - The first exam will be...

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