CaseStudyAssignment - ENGR 185 Individual Writing...

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Unformatted text preview: ENGR 185 Individual Writing Assignment 2 Ethical Case StudyPost-Mortem Report For this assignment, we would like you to examine, in detail, an engineering case study. A list of possible topics is presented on page 3. The paper should be six pages in length plus the bibliography, although you are welcome to write more if you wish. Most of the topics are recent. Your best beginning sources will probably be the pages of the New York Times , the Los Angeles Times , and news magazines such as The Economist and Time . In some cases, significant papers have appeared in technical journals and/or books. Please see Mr. Browne if youre having problems finding materials. A post-mortem is a common task in engineering. It formalizes the process of learning from past experiences. The post-mortem analyzes a project once it has ended, and identifies what went well and what went poorly to improve the next project. This writing assignment asks you to write up a post-mortem of a well-known case of engineering failure, including not only the technical details of the failure, but also the ethical lapses that contributed to the failure. The writing task Your post-mortem write-up should explain how ethical lapses contributed to the engineering failure. Describe the actions, as an engineer, that should be taken (should have been taken) to come to grips with the failure, utilizing one of the ethical frameworks you have learned about as a guide in influencing or determining your course of action. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the actions you propose and provide justification using one of the ethical frameworks as a guideline in...
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CaseStudyAssignment - ENGR 185 Individual Writing...

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