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ethicalcasestudyprewriting - lives and safety through...

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Engr 183EW: Problem Statement Activity Example of an introduction and problem statement for the ethical case study: The Guidant pacemaker has had a varied history over the past decade. Guidant Corporation has endured challenges from numerous directions: funding battles in congress, deficient support from key governmental officials, technological failure that incurred massive development delays, and several seemingly unethical responses to many of the prior incidents of pacemaker failures. Regardless of the numerous issues, the technological feat behind the pacemakers Guidant has saved numerous lives. If functioning perfectly, the pacemaker can properly provide shock to keep the heart beating. This added capability, perfect for heavy lifting, troop deployment, and various other special assaults, makes the Osprey one of the most useful in the Marine Corps and Air Force fleets (Bolkom, 2007, p.1). Clearly, its added functionality is a large part of what makes it worthy to fight for; regardless, no technological advantage is worth risking
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Unformatted text preview: lives and safety through unethical practices like seen in the case of the V-22 Osprey. Underline the problem presented in the above introduction. Put brackets [ ] around the entire problem statement. List two reasons why this is a good problem statement. List one thing that could be improved. Engr 183EW: Brainstorming Activity Brainstorming activity: Fill out the following chart to gather ideas for Essay #2. Ethical Case 1 What parties are involved? What are their rights, their responsibilities? What are the salient ethical issues in this case? Background on the Case- relevant facts- relevant conceptual issues- relevant social constraints - additional information necessary for an accurate understanding of the case Possible Courses of Action Strengths of Each Proposed Action (include ethical considerations) Weaknesses of Proposed Actions (include ethical considerations) Your Preferred Course of Action & Rationale for Your Choice 2...
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ethicalcasestudyprewriting - lives and safety through...

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