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BIPN Lecture Notes - lslamus synthesize tropicMyosin set of...

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halamus synthesize tropic hormones and release them into the first capillary bed of the portal system ls release hormone into the second set of capillaries for distribution to the rest of the body Portal vessels carry the tropic hormones to the anterior pituitary Sarcomere H zone A band Myosin M line Z band Actin I band innervated by just one neuron. The motor pool is the combination of motor units. euron divides into many terminal branches. Each terminal branch innervates only one muscle fiber. euron can innervate many fibers. BIPN Lecture Notes Monday April 27 th On Friday, talked about endocrine control The endocrine system is a spectrum it is integrated into the nervous system This is called neuro-endocrine control The hypothalamus is an important region in neuro-endocrine control I. It controls the pituitary gland, also called the hypophysis II. The hypophysis and the hypothalamus are connected by the infindibulum III. The hypophysis is divided into two regions a. Anterior region called the adenohypophysis i. This is glandular in function. It accepts hormone releasing factors from the hypothalamus, which then targets the cells at the end of the portal system to release their hormones into the bloodstream. There is no stored supply of hormones at the anterior region. b. The posterior region is called the neurohypophysis i. Somata in the hypothalamus synapse in the neurohypophysis ii. The neurons release peptide hormones into the bloodstream 1. Oxytocin: revolves around reproductive function, stimulates uterine contractions and elicits parenting behavior 2. Vasopressin/ADH: controls blood osmolarity iii. The posterior region does have stored supplies of the hormones, so that if the action potential cannot be passed down to the neurohypophysis, then the stored will be released into the bloodstream, until the supply runs out IV.The hypothalamic-hypopheseal portal system a. Located in the anterior pituitary
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b. The portal system is two capillary beds connected by a vein- this is very uncommon This arrangement allows for a very small amount of hormone to be used and sent to the target (anterior pituitary), so that then, hormones will be released into the body by the adenohypophysis [controls growth, metabolism, reproduction]. I.
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BIPN Lecture Notes - lslamus synthesize tropicMyosin set of...

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