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Chapter 16 Outline Coordination Complexes Central atom – Lewis acid Ligand – Lewis base Bidentate: Ligands that can occupy two binding sites (Ex: ethylenediamine) Polydentate: Ligands that can occupy three or more binding site simultaneously (Ex: EDTA) Chelates: complexes containing one or more ligands that form right of atoms that includes central metal atom (Ex: Bidentate and Polydentate are chelating agents) Coordination Number Coordination Number Shape Example 2 Linear [Hg(CH 3 ) 2 ] 4 Tetrahedral or Square Planar [CoCl 4 ] 2- 6 Octahedral [Fe(CN) 6 ] 4- *Note: Pt2+ and Au3+ give square planar Isomers 1. Isomers: different compounds that have the same molecular formula Structural isomer : atoms connected to different partners Stereoisomer : Atoms have same partners but are arranged differently in space 2. Different types of Structural Isomers Ionization Isomer : ligand and anion in one isomer switch positions to form the other isomer o Ex: [PtCl 2
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