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Naming Coordination Compounds Neutral ligands have the same name except for the following: o H 2 O (aqua), NH 3 (ammine), CO (carbonyl), NO (nistrosyl) Anionic ligand endings o -ide -o -ate -ato -ite -ito Greek prefixes o Ex: 2 (di-), 3 (tri-), 4 (tetra-), 5 (penta-), 6 (hexa-) If the ligand already contains a Greek prefix the use the following prefixes instead: o Ex: 2 (bis-), 3 (tris-), 4 (tetrakis-) Ligands are named in alphabetical order not including the Greek prefixes with the metal at the end *If the complex has an overall negative charge, then the suffix –ate is added to the stem of the metals name* Crystal Field Theory Each ligand can be represented by a point negative charge Negative charges represent the ligand lone pairs directed toward the central atom o Central metal atom is positively charged; negative charge represent ligands attracting to it t 2g -orbitals: 3 d-orbitals e g -orbitals: 2 d-orbitals Δ O : ligand splitting In octahedral complexes, the e
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Crystal%20Field%20Theory - Naming Coordination Compounds...

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