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Chemistry 140A (Prof. C. L. Perrin) SUGGESTIONS FOR A REMINDER SHEET Definitions and Concepts ( bold face Nomenclature: functional groups and compound classes (Table 2-3), alkane series (Table 2-5 to n ~ 11), branched alkyl groups (Table 2-6), IUPAC Rules, primary/secondary/tertiary, cis/trans Symbolism: line ("Lewis/Kekule") structures, lone pairs, resonance, electron pushing, condensed (CH n ) structures, bond-line (zigzag) structures (not permitted on midterms), dashed/wedged line, ! +/ ! - Drawings: dipole moment, atomic orbitals (s, p, hybrid), molecular orbitals, Newman projection, cyclohexane Equations: formal charge assigned to an atom, molecular orbital, hybrid orbital, hybridization = sp 3- N " = sp 3- N double -2 N triple , K a and p K a Rules: octet, resonance, R/S convention Examples: hybridization, kinds of organic reactions, nucleophiles (Table 6-7), electrophiles Graphs: energy vs. C-C rotation angle, energy vs. reaction coordinate
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