Reminder sheet-MT2

Reminder sheet-MT2 - OHCH3OBad Leaving Groups Good Leaving...

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1-methane 2-ethane 3-propane 4-butane 5- pentane 6-hexane 7-heptane 8-octane 9-nonane 10- decane 11-undecane 12- dodecane 13-tridecane 14-tetradecane 15-pentadecane 16-hexadecane 17-heptadecane 18-octadecane 19-nonadecane 20-isocane Amines: Ketons: Carboxylic acid: Anhydrides: Esters: Amides: Haloalkane: R-X Alchohols: R-OH Ethers: R-O-R Thiols: R-SH Alkanes: no functional group Alkenes: Alkynes: Aldehyde Nitriles: Aromatic compounds: Trends of halo alkanes: Disassociation energy is larger Polar bonds Increase boiling points Polarizability increases down periodic table Bad Nucleophiles H2O H2SO4 HSO4- CHl F- rination is not selective. ination prefers 3>2>1; rarely see bromination on primary carbon te Configuration: mber based on atomic number n on what its attached to eded, for double and triple bonds, at ghost atoms hem, highest to lowest in direction of lowest. If use left hand, S, if use the right hand, R. Bad Leaving Groups F- CH3CO2- CN- CH3S- OH- H2N- H- NH2 (worst) OH- CH3O- I- :C≡N- CH3S- NH3 P(CH3)3 Cl- (only in aprotic) CH3OH- NO- N3 SH- leaving group and a good nucleophile in a polar aprotic solvent ing group leaves at the same time as the nucleophile attacks from the backside configuration n state on is most preferred) cleophile] h inversion of configuration Good Leaving Groups Cl- Br- I- (best) HSO4- H20 CH3SO3- Sulfurs bonded to oxygen and halogen is partially negative, carbon is an electrophille. Will react with a nucleophile. harged carbon) which then reacts with any nucleophile. If it reacts with water, resulting product is an alcohol group because of deprotonation.
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Reminder sheet-MT2 - OHCH3OBad Leaving Groups Good Leaving...

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