A Competitive Landscape of the Evolving CRM Services Market

A Competitive Landscape of the Evolving CRM Services Market...

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Unformatted text preview: Customer Relationship Management Services Bulletin A Competitive Landscape of the Evolving CRM Services Market Analysts: Rasika Pradhan and Katrina A. Menzigian IDC Opinion As the customer relationship management (CRM) services market continues to evolve, who is competing in this market, and how are they positioned within the context of the broader CRM solutions landscape? CRM solutions will increasingly encompass a broader array of activities within the framework of a client’s overall business. As a result, CRM service vendors will experience increasing competition from a variety of existing and emerging players that are moving away from their traditional business lines to capture new opportunities in the CRM space. The key to success for CRM service providers will be their ability to provide technology solutions that address and enhance the client’s overall CRM ecosystem while addressing the ultimate business goal. Filing Information December 1999 IDC #21130 Volume: 1 Tab: Competitive Positioning and Strategies 21130- 2- A International Data Corporation Introduction Business solutions such as CRM illustrate the changing role that “information technology” is increasingly assuming in the world of business and the global economy at large. The use of technology is steadily shifting away from its past focus on the products and services in and of themselves and the efficiency gains they offer. Rather, society will soon adopt views that perceive technology as a merging of products and services that seamlessly enable new approaches to business activities and redefine how people work and interact with each other. Excellent examples of this trend include customer relationship management, enterprise relationship management, supply chain management, and ebusiness. Although in the future we can expect to see less clearly defined distinctions between what we today consider “products” and “services” — especially in relation to business solutions — these distinctions continue to characterize current markets. In studying the area of CRM, for example, two camps of players can be clearly identified: those that offer products and those that offer services. This bulletin examines the current competitive landscape for CRM services and provides an overview of the types of players that are active in this market segment. The Holistic CRM “Ecosystem” The holistic CRM ecosystem shown in Figure 1 is a graphical representation of how CRM can be viewed as the missing link between back-office activities (including integrated enterprise relationship management, supply chain, and business intelligence) and front-office activities (including sales, marketing, customer support, and ebusiness)....
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A Competitive Landscape of the Evolving CRM Services Market...

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