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Vocabulary #7 1. Jeroboam – an administrator in Solomon’s court who rebelled and became the first king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel; he built non-Yahwistic shrines in Bethel and Dan. 2. Baal – “lord, master” – that was applied to the chief God of Canaan; various locations in Canaan had patron Gods like Baal of Peor. 3. Jerusalem – political and religious capital of Israel when it was united. This is where Jesus was crucified and resurrected. 4. Adonijah – a son of David who was executed by Solomon. 5. Bathsheba – the wife of Uriah who committed adultery with David. She later became David’s wife and mother of Solomon. 6. Rehoboam – The son of Solomon who became the first king of Judah after the division of the kingdoms. 7. Solomon – The son of David who became the king of united Israel. He is known for his wisdom and he built the temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Messianic Promise - 9. Tiglath-Pileser III monarch of the Neo-Assyrian empire at the time of Isaiah. In the Bible he is referred to as Pul. 10. Sennacherib monarch of the Neo-Assyrian empire who besieged Hezekiahs Jerusalem. 11. Immanuel name of an otherwise unidentifiable person in Isaiahs prophesy. The name means God is with us. 12. Cyrus A Persian monarch who founded the Medo-Persian empire. He allowed the Judean refugees to return to their homeland after the Babylonian exile. 13. Royal Theology - the view that God had made a special covenant with David, promising to establish Davids throne securely through all generations. 14. Gods hesed - (Covenant loyalty) 15. Prophet (nbi) to speak for a person who speaks in the name of God....
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