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Grading Matrix for BUSI 310 – Research Project * A deduction of -25 will be taken for any paper that is under 6-1/2 full pages in length. Papers are corrected as to margins, extra spacing and incorrect font prior to determining the length of the paper. If utilized, charts, pictures, etc. must be put in an Appendix and do not count toward the page count. +Lack of proper referencing is a serious offense. A paper that contains ANY unreferenced direct quotes or paraphrasing of another author’s material will receive a score of -0-. In addition, students may not reuse material that they previously submitted for another assignment. All work must be written solely for this assignment and original for this course. Students who submit papers or sections of papers previously submitted will receive a score
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Unformatted text preview: of -0-. Excellent Good Acceptable Unacceptable+ Proper adherence to length requirements*-10 Proper adherence to: Title page Abstract Font – size 12 New Times Roman only Header with short title and pagination Margins – all margins should be 1”-5-8-10 Proper adherence to: Spelling, grammar, punctuation Proper word usage/semantics-5-8-10 Proper adherence to reference requirements+ Proper in-text citations References properly formatted on reference page Utilization of a variety of sources-5-8-10 Scholarly content with a management focus Organization Logical structure Provides sufficient evidence and explanation Sentences and paragraphs are structured and focused, not long and rambling. Use of transitional sentences that link one idea to another.-20-40-60...
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