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Economics 201 Introduction to Microeconomics Section EC Fall 2009 INSTRUCTOR The instructor for this course is Dr. Ian Irvine . All general inquiries regarding the course can be e " mailed to: [email protected] . Please allow for a 24 " hour response time during the week (Monday " Friday). Teaching Assistants check their messages once over the 48 " hour weekend period and are not available on statutory or university holidays. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course serves as an introduction to the functioning of the market system and focuses on the concepts of supply and demand, the role of prices in resource allocation, and production decisions by firms. In addition, students will analyze the differences between competition and monopoly, the implications for economic efficiency, and the theory of international trade. OBTAINING REQUIRED MATERIAL ! The text required for this course is available through the course website and is included in the cost of the access fee for the material. ! Your eConcordia account will be valid until the end of the term for which you are registered. ! Your account will allow you to access the online course material, which includes videos, notes, discussion boards, all graded course components, useful links, readings and many more resources from course website for the duration of the term. ! The course website can be accessed at www.econcordia.com
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EASTERN TIME ZONE ! Please note that ALL dates and times are set for the North American Eastern Time Zone and that Quebec uses Eastern Standard Time and Eastern Daylight Time as per the appropriate dates. All students, including distance learners, are required to meet the deadline requirements according to these times. No exceptions will be made. DISCUSSION BOARD Available as of 3:00 p.m. SEPTEMBER 11, 2009. ! The discussion board is a versatile tool in an online course. It is akin to putting your hand up in class, but with a bonus: each and every student can read the questions and the various answers posted, at their leisure. ! To access your TA’s name, contact information and your group assignment number, click on the Discussion Groups link in the left " hand side menu of your eConcordia account. ! You are assigned a TA and a group 24 hours after obtaining your eConcordia username and password. ! If you have not been assigned to a group within 24 hours of obtaining your eConcordia username and password, send an e " mail with your name, student ID number and the name of the course you are taking to [email protected] and you will be assigned to a group within 24 hours. GUIDELINES FOR POSTING ON THE DISCUSSION BOARD ! Do not post your telephone number, student ID, or any other personal information on the discussion board. ! The discussion board is meant for the academic discussion of the course material.
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