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exam2 study guide - Chapter 5 Purchase Decision Process...

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Chapter 5 Purchase Decision Process Internal Search External Search Personal Sources Public Sources Marketer-Dominated Sources Purchase Decision Process (Alternative Evaluation) Evaluation Criteria Consideration Set Purchase Decision Process (Purchase Decision) Decide from whom to buy Decide when to buy Purchase Decision Process (Postpurchase Behavior) Customer Satisfaction Studies Satisfied Customers Tell 3 People Dissatisfied Customers Tell 9 People Cognitive Dissonace Involvement Extended Problem Solving Limited Problem Solving Routine Problem Solving Comparison of problem solving variations: extended, limited, and routine Number of brands examined Number of sellers considered Number of product attributes evaluated Number of external information sources used Time spent searching
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Purchase Decision Process (Situational Influences) Situation Influences Purchase Task Social Surroundings Temporal Effects Antecedent States Influences on the consumer purchase decision process from both internal external sources. Marketing Mix Product Price Promotion Place Psychological Influences Motivation Personality Perception Learning Value, beliefs, and attitudes
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exam2 study guide - Chapter 5 Purchase Decision Process...

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