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Unformatted text preview: Pipeline Integrity, Hot Tapping & Plugging Seminar Sol Elite Marbella, Anyer 10 May 2007 Hot Tapping Application Gunavel Rathinam Regional Sales Manager The Folding Plugging Head How is a Reduced-Branch Line-stop Made? The Folding Plugging Head For piping systems operating at less than 200 psi, TDW developed the Folding Head Plugging Machine, which plugs through a reduced branch opening. - Costs are reduced - Use of less expensive fittings - Smaller valves - Easy handling - Shortens the time required to complete the operation - Reduces the weight on the line - Large diameter Water line SUBSEA HOTTAP Underwater & Harsh Environments: High Temp Tapping Specifications: Tapping to 1,000 degrees F Pressures to 1,480 psi @ 100 degrees F Size range up to 16 inches Double block & bleed packing configuration High temperature, low conductivity material reduces heat transfer through machine Metal-to-Metal Plugging High Temp, Caustic & Harsh Environments: Metal-to-Metal Seal (No Elastomers) Test-verified: - 1480 psi @ 100 degrees F - to 825 @ 800 degrees F FinalSTOPP Fitting Plugging Head Secured by Tapered Cam Metal-top-Metal Plugging Heads Sealing Collars w/ Precision Machine Surfaces Ancillary Services In-Service Welding Turnkey Service WELDING & INSPECTION OF IN-SERVICE PIPELINE * SHALL PREPARE A WELDING PROCEDURE SPECIFICATION (WPS) WHICH SHALL BE TESTED AND QUALIFIED IN ACCORDANCE TO ASME SECTION IX PROCEDURE QUALIFICATION RECORD (PQR) SHALL BE SUBMITTED WELDER SHALL BE QUALIFIED FOR PIPE BUTT WELDING USING AN APPROVED WELDING PROCEDURE WHICH MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE APPLICABLE CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATION E.G. B 31.3/4/8 (ASME SECTION IX, API 1104/1107) * * MAJOR PARAMETERS TO BE CONSIDERED DURING INSERVICE PIPELINE WELDING HEAT INPUT WELDING SPEED CARBON EQUIVALENT COOLING RATE BURN THOUGH FLUID VELOCITY OF THE PIPELINE MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE INSIDE THE PIPELINE PRESSURE OF THE PROCESS FLUID / GAS WELDING SEQUENCE BUTTERING PROCESS TO REINFORCE THE MOTHER PIPE THE VELOCITY / FLUSHING RATE OF THE FLARE LINE WITH STEAM OR INERT GAS DURING WELDING WELDING INSPECTION DURING WELDING VISUAL INSPECTION FOR DISCONTINUITIES SUCH AS CRACKING, POROSITY, PROPER SLAG REMOVAL DPT OF THE ROOT RUN AFTER WELDING MPT OF THE WELDS UT OF THE WELDS HYDROTESTING / PNEUMATIC TESTING NDT PERSONNEL SHALL BE QUALIFIED TO ASNT RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FOR NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING. ONLY LEVEL II OR LEVEL III PERSONNEL SHALL BE USED FOR INTERPRETATION OF THE TEST RESULTS HOT TAPPING & STOPPLE OPERATIONS: STEP 1 Installation of Sandwich Valve in the Tapping Fitting Installation of Tapping Machine Hot Tapping using Stopple Cutter STEP 2. Withdrawal of Tapping Machine Installation of the Plugging Machine Installation of By-Pass Plug the Pipeline with Operational By-Pass STEP 3. Check for satisfactory isolation of the Plugged area Cutting the isolated section Installation of the Pre-Fabricated section Testing of Pre-Fabricated section of welding Withdrawal of Plugging Machine STEP 4. Installation of Tapping Machine with LOCK-O-RING Plug Set LOCK-O-RING Plug Remove Tappig Machine Install Blind Flange Job Completed DOCUMENTATION THE HOT TAP DESIGN PACKAGE SHALL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: SAFETY CONDITION OF THE PIPE / EQUIPMENT UNDER CONSIDERATION CONFIGURATION OF THE CONNECTION CODE / STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS OPERATING CONDITIONS TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES OF THE TAPPING / PLUGGING EQUIPMENT UNDER THE OPERATING CONDITION WELDING ECONOMIC ASPECT ENVIRONMENTAL / POLLUTION ASPECT SAFETY PLAN A SAFETY PLAN SHALL BE PREPARED FOR EACH HOT TAPPING OPERATION BY THE PRINCIPAL’S FIELD ORGANISATION AND SHALL BE AGREED BEFORE HAND WITH OTHER RELEVANT DEPARTMENTS AND THE CONTRACTOR. THE SAFETY PLAN SHOULD BE BRIEF, OTHERWISE IT BECOMES SELF DEFEATING THE SAFETY PLAN SHALL INCLUDE: * ACCESS TO SITE FOR PERSONNEL & EQUIPMENT * ROLES OF DEDICATED PERSONNEL AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES ON SITE * MONITORING OF OPERATING CONDITIONS * FORESEEABLE HAZARDS AND CONTIGENCY ACTIONS * COMMUNICATION ON SITE * WARNING SYSTEM * MEANS OF ESCAPE * FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT & PERSONNEL * SAFETY EQUIPMENT & PERSONNEL * SAFETY EQUIPMENT & SERVICES * FIRST AID FACILITIES * EMERGENCY PROCEDURES SHALL ALSO BE SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED, EITHER IN THE SAFETY PLAN OR IN A SEPARATE DOCUMENT WORK PROCEDURE PROCEDURE SHALL BE PREPARED FOR ALL ASPECTS OF THE PHYSICAL WORK, INCLUDING ITEMS SUCH AS: * SITE PREPARATION * PIPE PREPARATION * WELDING * NDT * HYDRO-TESTING / TESTING * HOT TAPPING * REINSTATEMENT Complete Capabilities Line intervention equipment ( ½ in. to 60 in.) Hot Tapping Products & Equipment STOPPLE Equipment Folding-Plugging Equipment Pigging products, launchers & receivers Pipeline rehabilitation products (Mechanical/welded repair sleeves, composite wraps, repair clamps) Pipeline Inspections Services: geometry, deformation and MFL corrosion inspections, pipeline cleaning, freeze plugging, hydrotesting and drying services. TDW is committed to you … Service engineered to Work Thank You Thank Your Source for… Global Pipeline Solutions ...
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