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The Data Warehouse 2-1 Chapter 2 The Data Warehouse True-False Questions 1. According to Inmon, a data warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated database designed to support DSS functions where the data is volatile and relevant. False 2. A data warehouse is typically physically separated from transaction processing systems. True 3. Only a small fraction of the data that is captured, processed and stored in the enterprise is actually ever made available to executives and decision makers. 4. The most common component of a data warehouse environment is the operational data store. 5. A data mart is a subset of a data warehouse. True 6. The essence of the data warehouse concept is a recognition that the characteristics and usage patterns of operational systems used to automate business processes and those of a DSS are fundamentally similar and symbiotically linked. 7. One difference between data warehouses and operational data stores is the presence of metadata . 8. Metadata are data about data. True 9. Metadata are detailed data that have been aggregated and condensed into a more useful form. 10. The very essence of the DW environment is that the data contained within the boundaries of the warehouse are integrated. This integration manifests itself through consistency in naming convention and measurement attributes, accuracy, and common aggregation. 11. The time horizon for data in the data warehouse is typically significantly longer than operational data sores. 12. One of the benefits of integrated data is the establishment of a common unit of measure for all synonymous data elements from dissimilar databases. 13. According to Inmon, because data warehouses are highly de-normalized, they are highly redundant. 14. One objective of the data warehouse environment is to minimize the impact on operational systems. 15. The end user in a data warehouse environment deals directly with the application messaging layer. 16.
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DataMiningUnit3Questons - Chapter 13. Warehouse Metadata...

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