SCAND 232 Essay #2 - Helen Yuzvyak March 4th 2010 Essay#2 D...

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Helen Yuzvyak March 4 th , 2010 Essay #2 Den Uforudset Forråde Han’s Christian Andersen’s fairytales are full of plots with remarkably vivid descriptions of landscape and local customs and that is exactly how he starts out “ The Shadow ”. “In the hot countries the sun is certainly scorching! People turn as brown as mahogany. Why, in the hottest countries of all, they’re even baked black. But it was to one of the moderately hot countries that a learned man had to come from the cold lands.” It is a laudable tale with an emphasis on the darker side of Andersen’s fairytales with the strong emphasis on the culture of Doppelganger and its impact on the literary writings of H.C. Andersen during the Romantic period of the late 18 th Century. In the story we encounter a young, clever man relocating to a different place, a much hotter place. Andersen talks about his hardship of adjusting to the climate of the new place and the change of the overall scenery. He spends his days locked up in his room located on the narrow street with the tall building where he lived alone, with the sunlight flooding the floor of his room from morning till evening. The nights were especially pleasant because everybody moved out into the street in order to enjoy the cooler temperatures of the day. The young man didn’t have much to do so he spent a lot of time observing the surroundings. During one of the breezy evenings he heard a sound of music coming from the rented neighbor’s house. The absence of the artist sparked his curiosity and he went on a quest to find out who the occupants were but no one could help him out. His curiosity was reaching its peak and he decided to send his shadow to find out the occupants of the house, since it was the
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SCAND 232 Essay #2 - Helen Yuzvyak March 4th 2010 Essay#2 D...

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