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Joseph Criscuolo P2P Networks Rock Case Study 1.4 Chapter 1 Assignment 2 1.) P2P file sharing networks make money by advertising if they are not selling music. It is as simple as a tag line on a screen to full-blown advertising screens and popups to selling the list of user addresses. An example of this is Kazaa. They loaded fasttrack with so called spyware and adware programs which then goes out on the internet and pop up advertisements and unsolicitated emails from vendors are requested. 2.) The category or categories of e-commerce that P2P file sharing networks fall into is the sharing category. 4.) I think that the court’s decision will inhibit the development of P2P technology or the internet itself. I say this because, in the long run when the Supreme Court catches you
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Unformatted text preview: doing any kind of copyright infringement or even if they change their minds, you would be forced to pay out a healthy sum to all the music labels and companies. Some people are saying that as long as I don't actively induce infringement, I'm O.K. Also, this kind of P2P technology grows larger and larger, people will forget about the .99 cent songs on iTunes or the CD at target for 13.98, and they will start to catch on and get the music for free. This is what will get the people of this P2P into trouble because the music labels and companies could go to the Supreme Court and state that our sales are going down and that it is copyright infringement....
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