CPS Notes Lecture 2

CPS Notes Lecture 2 - I. Toqueville a) Political science b)...

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I. Toqueville a) Political science b) How do the implications of what they’re doing affect foreign policy c) Cannot do the policy side without doing the fundamental research first II. The evolution of Comparative politics a) Late 19 th , early 20th C. i) Came out of history and jurisprudence in British and German universities ii) Came with prejudices of these disciplines (1) Highly descriptive, focused on describing politics (2) By politics the earliest ones meant formal institutions (3) By and large focused on US and Western Europe (a) This is because earliest practitioners shared prejudices of the time: primitive societies didn’t do politics, politics only took place in developed west (b) So highly ethnocentric, believing that states in the west were somehow at the highest level of politics, the rest you couldn’t’ understand using the modern tools of polisci iii) They were trying to encapsulate what a society of politics would be, in the tradition of Hume, Toqueville, etc., but were bound by prejudices of time b) 1950s and 1960s: behavioral revolution i) Political science and most social sciences experience the behavioral revolution —an intellectual revolution (1) They began to say we are not satisfied with the old aritotelian idea of just
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CPS Notes Lecture 2 - I. Toqueville a) Political science b)...

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