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CPS Notes Lecture 5 - CPS Notes Lecture 5 September 20,...

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CPS Notes Lecture 5 – September 20, 2006 I. Max Weber a) Observable implications to Weber’s theory i) You could generate a testable set of hypotheses based on his theory (as opposed to Marx’s, which are basically untestable) b) Weber moves us toward thinking empirically, fasifiably, and generally, rather than taking Marx’s overarching historical theoretical views II. Look at contemporary ways of thinking about culture and political behaviour a) Political scientists over the past 40 years became increasingly concerned with the relationship b/w culture and politics b) Behavioral movement in 1950s and 60s was about pushing us away from ethno- centric research and making us think outside our own cultural box i) During this movement, talking about culture was uncomfortable—behaviroal revolution said there’s no such thing as national character—it’s racist and you can’t study it, so shouldn’t talk about it c) Then in 60s and 70s there was a backlash against the backlash, saying that cultures do seems to have long term modes of behavior and values that have impact on politics III. In 1980s and 90s there’s another issue: in an increasingly atomized, urbanized society in the developed West, is our culture changing? i) What’s the future of democracy if the culture that underlies it seems to be changing? b) Start of these discussions was a book by Gabriel Almond and Sidney Verba called “The Civic Culture.” i) They’re interested in quantifying political behaviour ii) They came to the conclusion that there are cultural traits in different states
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CPS Notes Lecture 5 - CPS Notes Lecture 5 September 20,...

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