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CPS Notes Lecture 12 - CPS Notes Lecture 12 I. Age-old...

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CPS Notes Lecture 12 I. Age-old questions a) What causes some states to become become democracies, while others become dictatorships b) What causes the political regime within a sate to change, once that regime is established in one form or another? II. Theories of democratization i) Cultural theories (1) Certain cultural heritage makes some sates pre-disposed to be come democracies while others are culturally prone to authoritarian rule or are just “not ready for democracy” (a) Ex: Western or non-Western Cultural heritage (b) Religion and related culture or traditions ii) Class-based theories (1) The relative strength, size, economic relationships, and mobilization of different classes in a society will determine regime type (a) Ex. Existence of a large and middle class (b) Relationship b/w monarchy, landed classes, bourgeoisie, and proletariat (2) Barrington Moore, Jr. – says that in situations with strong divide amongst elites, fascist regime type more likely (a) If you have a strong middle-class, a democracy will result (b) If the bourgeoisie colluded with the aristocracy against the monarchy, a democracy would also result (c) If there’s not a strong middle class, and the landed elite side more with the monarchy, this will lead more to a fascist system iii) Structural theories (1) “structural” features of countries are they key to determining regime type (a) Structural features include:
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CPS Notes Lecture 12 - CPS Notes Lecture 12 I. Age-old...

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