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CPS Notes Lecture 22 - the state disappears for whatever...

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CPS Notes Lecture 22 I. How states decay, what happens when they break up? a) This is a big subject with regards to the breakup of the USSR b) Where do civil wars come from? c) What do we define a civil war to be? i) Even if we label it that, what does that mean? d) What’s sectarian vs. ethnic vs. class conflict, and does this tell us anything meaningful on the ground. II. Almost entirely absent is the state a) There are remnants of the state but apart from that there’s no police, military forces are gone, no state in the economy or distribution of goods, state isn’t providing security b) This is the story more often or not of how civil wars start c) It’s not that age-old animosities destroy the state, but it’s the other way around:
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Unformatted text preview: the state disappears for whatever reason maybe due to economic problems or invasion, and in that vacuum with no physical or social security, etc., survival for you and your family becomes a self-help game d) It’s in the cycle of self-help, looking out for your own security and well-being, that fear comes into the mix e) This is time and time again, not really ancient hatreds or politicians constructing this, it’s basically just fear and then mobilization against perceived threats f) Neighborliness plays a part, as the neighbors give their neighbors away i) Civil society is turned on its head...
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