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CPS Notes Lecture 11 - CPS Notes Lecture 11 I....

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CPS Notes Lecture 11 I. Authoritarianism a) Nothing transitional about it b) As a form of government, has just as long if not long a history as democracy c) Sense of stability to it, and pillars on which it rests II. The three lives of Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania a) First i) Came to power in 1965 as his predecessor dies (lie most authoritarian systems, took over in this way, not due to elections) ii) Part of the wave of reform communists in late 1960s, and early 1970s (1) Younger political leaders who had not been part of the anti-fascist campaigns of the 1940s (2) Came to power in wave of optimism: younger, less dependent on USSR, didn’t speak Russian or think of themselves as tied to the USSR as previous regimes had (3) Experimented with elements of market economy while not relinquishing control of the one-party state iii) He begins a process of reform, Romania distances itself from USSR though still an ally iv) Refused to invade Czechoslovakia, said wouldn’t invade sovereign nation b) Second i) In early 1970s he takes a fateful trip applaud (1) He is very lauded in the West at this point, Romania seen as a potential opening in the Warsaw Pact (2) But he goes to North Korea, greeted by Kim Il Sun in an amazing way (3) This totally changes the way he thinks ii) He comes back and the thaw ends, experiments with market economy ends, cult of personality increases, secret police increases iii) This continues throughout the 1970s and 1980s with him getting crazier and crazier, Romania becomes one of closed systems in communist world c) Third i) Mid-December of 1989 a minister in the west of the country was due to be dismissed from his post ii) Security forces shoot on crowd trying to stop this iii) Riots start, he calls a rally iv) He is arrested, and executed
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CPS Notes Lecture 11 - CPS Notes Lecture 11 I....

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