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CPS Notes Lecture 10 - CPS Notes Lecture 10 October 16,...

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CPS Notes Lecture 10 – October 16, 2006 I. Regime Types and Regime Change a) Regime is the overall system of government within any particular state, used in a purely analytical way i) Synonym is simply the type of political system b) In everyday speech, we use it to refer to a government that is illegitimate c) Regime change is meant in just as analytical a way i) The way in which a system of government moves from being one type to another type ii) Not just changing the president, but changing the entire structure of the state iii) End of Soviet Union was a genuine regime change in this sense iv) Types of Regimes (1) Pluralist: everyone is competing for access to state power and state resources (2) Corporatist: may have elections and some freedoms, but government has chosen some institutionalized interest groups as special. (a) State might even sign an accord, a condordant, with that group, and seats of government may be reserved for members of that interest group (3) Authoritarianism (4) Totalitarian v) Another way of thinking about the state is what is the relationship b/w gov’t and civil society? II. How does regime change take place and why? a) Come in waves many times. Move in both directions at different times, course of history is not moving toward democracies III. Defining Pluralist Regimes (Democracy) a) Procedural Definitions of Democracy: having elections, having a Parliament and how parliamentary debate goes, having political parties that function to represent the interests of those who elected them to office, getting your procedures right, i) In short, making sure government decisions are taken by people who are
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CPS Notes Lecture 10 - CPS Notes Lecture 10 October 16,...

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