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IR Notes Lecture 10 - IR Notes Lecture 10February 13, 2007...

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IR Notes Lecture 10—February 13, 2007 Normative Theory—Ethics in International Relations I. Up to this point, all theories we’ve talked about have been empirical or positive theories a) About what is actually true in the world b) But today we’re going to talk about the normative dimension of IPOL—theories and ideas about how things should be, not how they actually are c) Some of most critical questions in IR deal with how states should behave d) Addresses moral obligations of states in IR II. Just War Doctrine a) Starts with premise that the morality of any action can be judged morally in three ways i) The motives or intentions ii) The means used to pursue ends iii) The causes or net effects of the behavior b) Jus ad Bellum (Just Causes of War) Criteria i) Just cause: been instigated in some way ii) War must be a last resort iii) War has to be declared by a proper authority within the state declaring war iv) Must start with a just intention: what you’re planning on doing as a result of that war v) Only started when there’s a reasonable chance of success vi) The final goal warrants war c) Wars only fought in response to aggression directed at you i) Iraq war was not legitimate because there were other measures to achieve the goals other than war—moral condemnation of this war d) Jus in Bello (Just Conduct of War) i) States and individuals should be held responsible for their actions during wartime ii) Draws clear distinction b/w combatants and non-combatants—prohibits killing of civilians unless in self-defense iii) Proportional level of violence: violence must be calibrated toward what is needed to achieve war’s ends e) Jus post Bellum (Just Post-War) i) Victorious nation is responsible for consequences in occupied territory (1) Victor should not leave, but has an obligation to territory to leave it in a stable situation ii) Victorious nations should not profit financially from war f) Just war theory does not argue that all war is immoral i) Just the opposite :argues that war under certain conditions can be a moral act, and just war theory attempts to identify how to make war satisfy our other moral responsibilities g) Some question whether this is just rhetoric to cover up more realistic motives III. How significant are moral consideration in IPOL
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IR Notes Lecture 10 - IR Notes Lecture 10February 13, 2007...

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