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Infilefail coutx nn1 infilex coutreadinnintegersendl

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Unformatted text preview: { cerr << “Problem with file” << endl; stream.fail() can be exit(EXIT_FAILURE); used with any stream } and returns true if infile >> x >> y >> z; the last action failed. Using Selection To Check Using Selection To Check Program Status int x, n=0; ifstream infile(“myfile.data”); infile >> x; while (! infile.fail() ){ cout << x; n = n + 1; infile >> x; } cout << “read in “ << n << “ integers.” << endl; fail() can also be used to read fail() can also be used to read files of arbitrary length Switch Statements Switch Statements A switch statement is used to decide between a number of cases switch (integer_expression){ case value: expression case value: expression default: expression } The integer expression is evaluated and the thread of execution starts from the matching case. If none matches it starts from the default. Switch Statements Switch Statements switch (weekday){ case 1: cout << “Monday”; breaks are break; needed. case 2: cout << “Tuesday”; Otherwise break; switch drops case 3: cout << “Wednesday”; through to break; next expression. case 4: cout << “Thursday”; break; case 5: cout << “Friday”; break; default: cout << “Weekend”; } Execution Control Sequence Selection Iteration Two Important Halves of Two Important Halves of Computer Programming Data Representation How do we structure the data that...
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