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ACCT 2101 ACCOUNTING  I:  FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING SPRING SEMESTER, 2010 INSTRUCTOR:   Deborah  H. Turner, Ph.D., CPA Office: MGT 443 Office Phone: 404.894.4900 E-mail: Office Hours: Monday, 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. Other times by appointment. TEACHING ASST: Stuart Smith Office: MGT 4226 (across from Room 443) Phone: 253.579.6213 Email: PREREQUISITE:    None. COURSE OBJECTIVE:   This course  is an  introductory  course  in financial accounting.   The objectives of this course are to provide  an understanding  of how  to (1) analyze  and   account   for   business   transactions,   (2)   communicate   the   results   of   these   business   transactions  in the  form  of financial  statements,  and  (3) interpret  financial  statements   for a wide  range of organizations. COURSE MATERIALS AND  RESOURCES: 1. Financial  Accounting:   A   Business   Perspective ,   Ninth   Edition,   by   Hermanson   and   Edwards,  Freeload  Press, © 2006.  This e-textbook  is free and  may  be accessed  at:  http:/ /     This   book   is   referred   to   as   “FA”   in   the  assignment  schedule. 2. REQUIRED   Course   Notebook.   Available   for   purchase   from   the   Honorary   Accounting  Organization  (HAO).  The cost is $15 cash or check payable to “HAO.”  This notebook  will be sold in our classroom  – you  do not have to go looking  for it.  The course notebook includes: a. Lecture notes © 2010. b. Annual report examples. c. Previous  exams (Spring 2009) with  solutions. 4. T-Square site for ACCT 2101.  This site includes  (among  other items): a. Previous  exams (prior to Spring 2009) with  solutions. b. Solutions to current  semester exams soon after each exam is taken. c. Your grades in the “Post’Em” section of the site. 1
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COURSE   WORK   AND   GRADES:     An   assignment   outline   follows.     The   reading   assignments  are  due  on  the  date  listed  on  this  outline.    In  addition  to  reading  the  chapter,  you  should  review  the  exercises  at  the  end  of  the  assigned  chapter.    Each  student  is expected  to come prepared  to participate in the class discussion. PICK UP LOCATION:    Since there  are  many  students  enrolled  in ACCT 2101, a  bin  system  will be used  to  return  your  graded  papers.    (You  will be asked  to  sign  a  release to have your  papers  returned  to the bins—if you do not want  to sign the release,  you will need  to make arrangements  to pick up  your  papers  from my TA.)  The bins are  located  in the  Undergraduate  Student  Commons  on  the  first floor of the  Management  
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ACCT2101+Syllabus+Spring+2010 - ACCT2101 ACCOUNTING...

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