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Check-Up Instructions During the course of the year, you will complete three Check-Ups with your residents. The purpose of these Check-Ups is to touch base with your residents to determine how they are doing at Tech and offer them appropriate resources and referrals based on their needs. We have provided you with questions to guide your conversations with your residents. After conversing with your residents, you will submit a report online to your hall director that summarizes how your residents are doing. The guiding questions should be used to help you focus the content of your summary – the summary should not simply be the answers to the questions. After completing the Check-up summaries, you will meet with your hall director to discuss the progress of your residents. Together with your hall director, you will determine if any of your residents need additional support in the form of a follow-up conversation with you or your hall director. In addition, your hall director and you may decide that your residents would benefit from additional resources or referrals to other campus departments. The Check-ups will take place during the following timeframes: Check-Up One – during the second and third week of the fall semester
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Check-Up Instructions - Check-Up Instructions During the...

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