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Page 1 of 11 Accy 201 Fall 2009 Version D Student Name Net ID TA Name Discussion Section 1. Keep test booklets closed until an examination proctor indicates you may start the exam. 2. This test is individual, closed-book, closed note. Place all notes and books in a closed book bag or case under your seat. Remove all hats. You may keep only writing utensils and an eraser—NO CALCULATORS! Turn off your cell phone! 3. Legibly print your name, your Net ID, your TA’s name and your discussion section at the top of this page. 4. Use a dark pencil to fill in your name, and Net ID on the accompanying answer sheet. Also write in the course (ACCY 201), your TA’s name (as “instructor”), your discussion section and sign your name on the answer sheet. 5. Failure to accurately supply identifying information on the cover sheet of your exam booklet or the answer sheet will result in a 10 point deduction from your test score. 6. This test has 40 multiple choice questions. Be sure that you have all pages of the test before beginning. 7. This test will be scored out of 100 points. Point values for individual questions vary. 8. Read each question carefully. Choose the BEST response to each question. 9. Use a dark pencil to fill in your answer choice (a, b, c, d or e) on the accompanying answer sheet. Answers for questions that have not been recorded on the answer sheet will NOT be graded. 10. You may ask proctors to clarify a possible typo . No other questions will be answered. Read the following statement and sign below to indicate that you read and understood it. Professor Curtis is committed to providing an environment that preserves scholastic integrity. By enrolling in this course the undersigned student agrees to abide by the rules and regulations in the Code on Campus Affairs and Regulations Applying to All Students . Further, the undersigned student understands that any actions not in accordance with the additional list provided on the course web page will automatically be considered evidence of cheating. Signature Date
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Page 2 of 11 Accy 201 Fall 2009 Version D Multiple Choice (100 points) Read all information and questions carefully. Select the best response and bubble in your answer on the accompanying answer sheet. Part A (40 points) A. Current Asset B. Non-current Asset C. Current Liability D. Long-term Debt E. None of the above Properly categorize each of the items in the list below using only labels from the list above. Categories on the labeling list may be used once, more than once or not at all. 1. Cash 2. Raw materials purchased by a manufacturing company 3. Principle due in 5 years on a loan from a key customer 4. Services requested and paid for by customers that have not yet been performed 5. A payment made to a supplier for goods not yet received 6. A building the company intends to use as a warehouse 7. Stock a company purchased to provide funding to a key customer 8. Rent owed on a building that was leased for the past 3 months 9. Principle on 10-year bonds issued by the company
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IIFa09D - Page 1 of 11 Accy 201 Fall 2009 Student Name Net...

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