Economist, Swimming Against the Tide

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Swimming against the tide; East Africa.(Illegal fishing in east Africa). The Economist (US) 380.8489 (August 5, 2006): p43US. The battle against illegal fishing off east Africa's coast FISHERMEN in El Wargadhi, a coastal village 160km (100 miles) north-east of the Somali capital Mogadishu, recently spotted a foreign fishing boat trawling just offshore. Incensed, they jumped into small boats to head it off. They were fired on before they could get near. No one was killed in the ensuing battle, except for sheep picking along the beach behind. Still, the locals were depressed. Foreign boats without flags or markings have been stealing their fish for years. Once, they could scare them off with a shout and a rocket-propelled grenade-launcher. No longer. These days, the fishermen say, the unmarked vessels carry 23mm anti-aircraft guns. East African waters, off the coasts of Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania, have vast numbers of commercial fish species. As in other countries, east Africans enjoy exclusive fishing
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