Intercultural communication (missed notes)

Intercultural communication (missed notes) - Intercultural...

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Intercultural communication Culture refers to : - A different country - A group of people - A way of “doing” something Constitutive view- arguing that on one hand comm. Creates everything, everything creates comm. (replace “everything” with what you want) Culture antecedent to comm. – can see culture as an effect of comm. Culture defined as: the combinations of symbols, knowledge, folklore, conventions, language, messages processing patterns, rules, rituals, habits, lifestyles, and attitudes that link and give common identity to a particular group of people at a particular point in time. The Nacirema: culture in action -Horace Miner’s (1956) Body ritual among the Nacirema - describes the culture 5 different ways 1. Are a north American group(Americans) 2. have a highly developed market economy(Americans) 3. have a chest of charms and magical materials(medicine cabinet) 4. visit the holy mouth man once a year(dentist) 5. perform a daily mouth-rite(brushing your teeth) 6. avoid pregnancy by the use of magical materials.(birth control)
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Intercultural communication (missed notes) - Intercultural...

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