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Almost 90 percent of EU fish stocks are overfished, the commission says (Photo: EUobserver) EU fishing policy not working, says commission LEIGH PHILLIPS Today @ 09:01 CET EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The European Commission has conceded that its current fishing policy is not working and instead has resulted in alarming levels of overfishing. In response, it says swingeing cuts are needed to Europe's fishing fleet via the next reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, scheduled for 2012. In a position paper adopted on Wednesday (22 April), the commission reports that 88 percent of the bloc's fish stocks are overfished, with 30 percent of stocks "outside safe biological limits" "Most of our problems stem from overcapacity," said fisheries commissioner Joe Borg. The commission would not offer a cross- the-board percentage cut to the fleet, saying that different cuts are required, depending on the type of fish that is being caught. However, the size of the fleet is assessed to be two to three times the size needed. "It is a decisive moment for EU fisheries," he said. "We have time, but we have to get
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Phillips 2009 EU Fisheries - EUobserver...

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