201 DM 3 Decisions and Judgments--Key

201 DM 3 Decisions and Judgments--Key - defined set of...

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201 Decisions and Judgments 1. Last Wednesday Isabel’s mommy asked what Isabel would like for supper. Mommy and Isabel looked in the refrigerator, freezer and the pantry. They picked out hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, broccoli and mandarin oranges. When Isabel picked her menu she made a(n) a. judgment b. evaluation c. construction d. a and c only e. none of the above 2. A _________________ is the task of selecting one (or more) alternative(s) from a well-
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Unformatted text preview: defined set of alternatives a. decision b. choice c. construction d. evaluation 3. When individuals face a routine decision, one they have made many times before, the decision is most likely to appear to them as a(n) a. choice b. construction c. evaluation d. prediction e. none of the above...
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