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Class Assignment for Psych 170 - Thang Phan Psych 170 M/W...

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Psych 170 M/W 12/01/08 Class Assignment This is the class assignment instead of class for the week of Thanksgiving. Completed assignment will receive 15 points. No partial credit. 1. What does ISPI stand for? International Society for Performance Improvement 2. When and where will the performance improvement conference be held. The ISPI Annual Conference, for three days in conjunction with the Annual Conference, showcases the services and products of companies in the forefront of performance technology. It is held on April 19-22, 2009, in Orlando, Florida. 3. What are ProSeries workshops? When will they be held? ProSeries workshop are professional development workshop designed for performance professionals. The workshop presents state-of-the-art information on performance coaching, leadership, and performance technology for use by managers and supervisors as they work to improve workplace performance. They includes several PP speakers whom will discuss breaking new ground in the principles and practices of performance technology. It takes places on February 17-20, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada 4. Attach a HPT model to this assignment. See attached document 1. How does this site define change management? Change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. The current definition of Change Management includes both organizational change management processes and individual change management models, which together are used to manage the people side of change. 2.
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Class Assignment for Psych 170 - Thang Phan Psych 170 M/W...

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