artifact 3 - Simbad : an Autonomous Robot Simulation...

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Unformatted text preview: Simbad : an Autonomous Robot Simulation Package for Education and Research Louis Hugues 1 and Nicolas Bredeche 2 1 Ginkgo-networks, Paris, France 2 Equipe Inf erence et Apprentissage, TAO / INRIA Futurs Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique, Bat.490, Universit e de Paris-Sud, 91405 Orsay Cedex, France bredeche Abstract. Simbad is an open source Java 3d robot simulator for sci- entific and educational purposes. It is mainly dedicated to researchers and programmers who want a simple basis for studying Situated Artifi- cial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more generally AI algorithms, in the context of Autonomous Robotics and Autonomous Agents. It is is kept voluntarily readable and simple for fast implementation in the field of Research and/or Education. Moreover, Simbad embeds two stand-alone additional packages : a Neu- ral Network library (feed-forward NN, recurrent NN, etc.) and an Arti- ficial Evolution Framework for Genetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Strate- gies and Genetic Programming. These packages are targeted towards Evolutionary Robotics. The Simbad Package is available from under the conditions of the GPL (GNU General Public Licence). 1 Introduction This paper provides an introduction to Simbad, a new mobile robot simulator written in Java for Research and Education, and a set of tools for Evolutionary Robotics [7]. The main motivation is to provide an easy-to-use all-in-one package for Evolutionary Robotics. The Simbad package includes a mobile robot simula- tor with complex 3D scene modelling and simulation engine (Simbad), a Neural Network library (feed-forward and recurrent NN) as well as a complete Evolu- tionary Algorithm Library (Genetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Strategy, Genetic Programming with trees or graphs). All tools have been written to be efficient and easy to use by Java and/or Python programmers. Section 2 present the state of the art in mobile robot simulation and high- lights the specific characteristics of existing simulators. Section 3 describes the key motivations and characteristics of the Simbad simulator as well as its speci- ficity compared to other simulators. This section also introduces the PicoNode and PicoEvo packages as well as implementation issues. In section 4, classic ex- periments are described using the Simbad packages. The last section concludes 2 this paper and refers to current applications of the Simbad package both for Research and Education. 2 Available Mobile Robot Simulators Due to the spreading of the Open/GL API several tools provide some kind of 3D visualisation. However there are quite few simulators providing a complete 3D simulation and, in particular, sensing in the 3D space (vision, sonars, bumpers and lasers)....
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artifact 3 - Simbad : an Autonomous Robot Simulation...

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