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Unformatted text preview: CIS 564 – Mobile Robotics Assignment 2 Goal – to create robotic behaviors that mimic biological behaviors. Approach – We will use Simbad to simulate a robotic cockroach. The robotic cockroach will exhibit the same behaviors that we looked at in the class. 1. Flee behavior 2. Follow‐wall behavior 3. Hiding You will need to use the appropriate stimuli for triggering each behavior. You can for example use a (random 1‐10) timer to trigger the flee behavior. Once you hit the wall use the bum sensor to continue to follow the follow till some condition changes (camera? IR?) to decide it has come to a hiding place. Stay there for a set number of seconds (random 5‐15) and get back to foraging. Use the following two room configurations. Create a trace of the path taken by the robot. Submit your code as a single zip file with your name and assignment number on the Portal. Due – March 12th – to be demo’d in office ...
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