2010 SYLLABUS S'10

2010 SYLLABUS S'10 - 1 PlPa 2010 MAGICAL MUSHROOMS,...

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PlPa 2010 MAGICAL MUSHROOMS, MISCHIEVOUS MOLDS G.W. Hudler - SPRING 2010 Welcome to ‘’Shrooms. This course is meant to be a light but substantive introduction to the world of the FUNGI and their close relatives. During the next 14 weeks, we'll explore the role of these organisms in the circle of life on Planet Earth, with special attention to how they have shaped the course of human history and how they affect our daily lives. Lectures and supplemental readings will complement assignments in a book of the same title, Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds , published by Princeton University Press and available in paperback through the Campus Store or any number of e- retailers. Multiple copies of the book are also available on 2-hr reserve in Mann Library and if demand for them is high enough, I will make more “loaner” books available. You are not required to buy this book, but you are expected to do the reading . Grades for the course are based on your scores on two midterm exams (33% of final score for each), and a comprehensive final exam (34% of final score). You can write a 6-page term paper in lieu of taking the final exam, but your paper must be turned in by 4:30pm on Friday, April 16 . No late papers will be accepted. There will also be occasional in-class quizzes, each worth 1-2 points of extra credit to be added to your final score for the course. You must be in class to take the quizzes. Extra credit may also be available if you attend fungus-related seminars. Those will be announced as the semester unfolds. Final grades are calculated on a percentage basis: 98+ = A+, 93-97 = A, 90-92 = A-, 88-89= B+, 83-87 = B, 80- 82 = B-, etc. Lecture and Reading Assignment Schedule: Jan 26 For 13 weeks ahead you’re going To get to know ‘bout fungus… How they affect all that we do, By living ere among us. (Introductory remarks, rules of the game, the fungus lifestyle
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2010 SYLLABUS S'10 - 1 PlPa 2010 MAGICAL MUSHROOMS,...

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